Final Fantasy XIII-2, continued

Nov 11, 2012

And so I continue my adventure in FFXIII-2, currently a few hours and a million tutorials in.

Right now I hate the protagonists. There’s Serah, an emotionally unstable teenager who spouts exposition at every turn. Then there’s Noel, who appeared in Serah’s dream and shortly after crashed into her village on a meteor through time. And everyone is extremely quick to trust him, even though he wants to take Serah on a dangerous adventure she might never return from. The only character continually skeptical about Noel is Gadot, the overprotective brother figure of Serah, and because of that, he’s the only person so far that I can somewhat relate to.

When some stranger comes flying on a meteor into your hometown, claims that your dead sister is alive in another dimension and wants to take you to unknown lands full of murderous monsters, wouldn’t you be a little cautious? Oh yeah, and the meteor flew through time and space. If that’s not a warning sign then I don’t know what is.

Another reason to hate the protagonists: they’re idiots. After blindly trusting Noel, I ventured into the Historia Crux, a gateway through time and space (of which the musical theme is kind enough to remind us by having the lyrics repeat “time and space!” four times).

I chose to enter an area clearly marked 005 AF, i.e. year 5, whereas the area I had just left was marked 003 AF, meaning that the protagonists would be traveling 2 years into the future. A few minutes into the new area, the following dialogue was exchanged between them and a local guard:

Serah: “[The guard] could be talking about the elevator that’s supposed to connect Cocoon and Pulse. But it’s still being built. It’s going to be finished next year.”

Guard: “You’re confused, miss. It was done last year.”

Serah: “Last year!?”

At this point, I had a Mass Effect-style dialog choice between “Am I remembering things wrong?”, “Is this another world?”, “What could it mean?” and “Is this the future?”. I was looking for the option reading “Oh right, we traveled 2 years into the future, so that makes sense!” but couldn’t find it so I opted for the last one, hoping she would come to her senses. She didn’t.

Serah: “Did we move forward in time?”

Noel: “I’d say two years have passed, at a guess. Since what was scheduled for next year, has already been built last year.”

YES. Brilliantly deduced by the master detective over here. 10 minutes ago I chose to travel 2 years into the future, for fuck’s sake. Idiots.