Knytt Underground announced, like a week ago or something

Aug 4, 2012

True to form, I have discovered some news a week after it stopped being news. The Knytt series by Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren will be getting a sequel with an official release on consoles. The game is titled Knytt Underground and will see a release on PS3, Vita and PC platforms.

For a Knytt fan like me, this is great news. I played through both Knytt and Knytt Stories several times and loved them, and I will undoubtedly play Underground as well, when it’s eventually released.

A few screenshots have been released with the announcement, and they look good. They just don’t look like the pixel art style from the two previous games. For comparison, here’s a screenshot from Knytt:

And here’s a screenshot from Knytt Underground:

Quite the difference, and I’m not sure I like this new style. To be fair, the first two games had high contrast environments as well, but so far, this kind of environment is the only one we’ve seen from Underground. I hope we’ll see new environments sooner or later, as one of the great strengths of Knytt, and to a lesser extent its sequel, was the huge and varied game world.

In addition, a music track supposedly from the game was released 6 months ago by Nifflas:

I definitely like the sound of that. The original game especially had a special musical style with electronic ambience and slight chiptune influences, and it’s good to see this will continue into Underground as well.

So basically, I’m looking forward to Knytt Underground. If you haven’t already played the two previous games in the series, I strongly suggest you do so. They’re available for free on Nifflas’ website.