MGS4 trophy patch (finally) incoming

Jul 12, 2012

Today I learned that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (one of my favorite games) will be getting a patch in August enabling PlayStation Network trophies. Had I read this news three or four years ago, I would be dancing in the streets. Today, I just feel a little underwhelmed.

The PS3 trophy system was released in a system software update in 2008, about a month after the release of MGS4. Naturally, the game didn’t ship with trophies at the time, but among fans, rumors quickly spread about a possible trophy patch for the game.

In 2009, Kojima Productions made a hint about the addition of trophies, which got everyone on their toes waiting for it to happen. Then nothing happened. In 2010, the Greatest Hits re-release included a mention of trophies on the box art. No such feature was included, and the point was apparently removed from later production runs.

And here we are today, four years after the release of the game, and many things have changed. The original, vibration-less Sixaxis controller, which forced the developers to replace vibration features with a visual, vibrating ring, has been completely discontinued in favor of the DualShock 3. Metal Gear Online, MGS4’s multiplayer component, has been shut down. The Metal Gear franchise has seen several additions, such as Peace Walker and the HD Collection, and Rising has been announced and previewed.

And now, finally, we’ll get trophies for MGS4. I very much welcome this addition (and will probably do a third (fourth?) playthrough), but I can’t help feeling disappointed about the fact that it took Kojima Productions four years to bring it out.

Better late than never, I guess.