Updated Jun 14, 2012

NinjaBeats is a side-scrolling platformer with levels generated by randomness or a music track.


The game is the result of a 3 week project in a software architecture course at the IT University of Copenhagen. It was developed by Jacob Rasmussen, Jesper Bøg and me.

About NinjaBeats

The goal of the game is to obtain as many points as possible before reaching the end of the level. You control a small, constantly running ninja that must jump between floor and ceiling platforms to not die and receive minus points. Enemies are flying all around you, leaving coins when taking a few shurikens to the face.

The game can be played in either randomly generated or music based mode.


  • Space: Jump between floor and ceiling
  • Mouse: Aim the crosshairs
  • Left mouse button: Throw a shuriken
  • Left click on buttons to navigate the menus


NinjaBeats v1.0 (zip file containing Windows installer, 7.5 MB)


NinjaBeats requires a recent Windows system with .NET Framework 4 and XNA 4 runtime. They should be automatically downloaded and installed when running the installer. Some music files with embedded images may not be supported by the game.