A Treat for Beasts

Posted Mar 25, 2020

The most annoying thing about watching the amount of YouTube that I do is that I’m into a bunch of weird creators with no one to discuss them with. One of them is treatsforbeasts, an enigmatic creator dabbling in the intersection of music, comedy, and the macabre.

Treatsforbeasts’ productions are generally unpredictable, with their last 5 videos uploaded years apart and featuring a mix of cartoons, original music, and comedy skits. My current favorite has to be the 2017 video TreatsforBeasts because of its impressive diversity and production value. While the most recent video, The Beast Is Dead, is similar in style, dedicating half its runtime to an extended skit of questionable quality brings it down somewhat. However, just before the halfway point, there’s a 4 minute long music video for the song I Love the Sound of Screaming Babies by a fictional artist called Roii. The video works well as a humorous parody, but the song itself is legitimately a banger, and in my COVID-19 isolation I’ve caught myself singing it way too often.

Roii album ad

To my huge disappointment, I Love the Sound of Screaming Babies by Roii is nowhere to be found outside treatsforbeasts’ video. At least not online; I’m currently unable to check petrol stations in Slovania. But I can’t help it: I really want to listen to Roii’s beautiful voice on the go. To that end, I’ve extracted an mp3 version myself:

(Edit 2021-02-12: There’s now an official version out, so the link has been removed)

This is obviously copyright infringement, but I hope treatsforbeasts will be alright with it. Being sourced from a YouTube video, the audio quality is not ideal, and I hope treatsforbeasts will one day release an official, high quality version.