Posted Mar 14, 2020

I made a tiny new project!

We have upwards of 30 code repositories at work, and I consistently run the same commands every time I return to each of them. First I do a git fetch so I know what branches people are working on, then I do a git pull to make sure my local branch is up to date. Then I usually do a dotnet restore (we primarily do .NET at work), and only then am I ready to start doing whatever I came in there to do.

I do this with my collaborative hobby projects too, and now that GitHub makes automated pull requests for security updates, even my private repositories aren’t safe from going out-of-date. And while I do .NET at work, my personal repos are much more diverse, requiring a bunch of different tools to make them usable.

So I made a script to automatically get the repo into a usable state: whatever. It’s called that because that’s how I feel about running these housekeeping commands: just do whatever, man.

I would really like to add more features to it, but since it’s based on my own usage patterns, I’ll have to keep an eye out for stuff I still end up doing after whatever.